Matt S, 29 | Client since 2012

May 30, 2015 - 3 minutes read

When I started training sessions with Chelsea, I was a type 2 diabetic with severe medicated hypertension and gout. At 245 pounds of fat with no muscle to speak of, anything even remotely cardiovascular was a chore. My goal was clear; I wanted off my medications. Nearly 2 years later, I am no longer diabetic, have normal blood pressure and have been gout free the entire time. I am off every one of the medications that I took for these conditions and lost 55 pounds of fat in about a year. I was grateful to Chelsea for putting tremendous effort into creating a program and dietary philosophy that would allow me to succeed. I was thrilled with the results.

To my surprise, Chelsea wasn’t done with me yet. She saw a potential in me that she was going to unleash. If she had told me the first time we met the goals she had set for me, I would have had a hearty laugh. Today, I’ve put on more than 30 pounds of muscle that simply didn’t exist before. My clothing that I bought when I was “skinny” doesn’t fit anymore, not because I got fat again, but because my body is massively more muscular. It’s hard to describe the feeling of the first time you realize your shirts don’t fit because your upper body muscles have literally gotten too big for them! It’s equally difficult to explain the sense of well-being and confidence one gains from being able to do simple things that you didn’t think you can do. I have always had a weak upper body. The fact that I can now do pull-ups, bench 200+ lbs. and press 140+ lbs. directly over my head continues to astound and amaze me. I now believe I can accomplish any goal I put my mind and body to.

More than anything, Chelsea helped me change my mindset. I am a believer; a believer in myself. If you’re looking to make a change; to push yourself; to go somewhere in personal fitness that you’ve been afraid to go; I can’t recommend Chelsea enough. She is the real deal. If I hadn’t worked with her, I might never have found myself. I now have the life I want to live, the opportunity to live it longer and a newfound confidence that I didn’t think I’d ever have. For the time being though, I still need Chelsea. There is always something new I can push myself to accomplish and I have no shortage of goals. Next up is the 6-pack that is hiding somewhere in the middle of body that I need Chelsea’s help to unleash!