What is Athaya Fitness?

Athaya Fitness is a health and wellness company dedicated to helping men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes improve their health, confidence and overall wellbeing through customized training and nutritional coaching programs.

What can I expect to learn from my first session?

The first session will focus on evaluating the client’s performance capabilities. We will assess strength, stability, mobility, and overall workload capacity. Each client will leave their first session with a clear understanding of their movement deficiencies, structural weaknesses and base fitness level.

Where will each session take place?

Each session can take place in-home, outdoors or at a specified gym agreed upon by both trainer and client.

Does Athaya Fitness provide nutritional guidance?

Clients seeking nutritional guidance work one-on-one with Chelsea to develop a customized nutrition plan designed to meet the client’s daily activity levels and compliment weightloss goals.

How long is each session?

Sessions are 60 or 90-minutes in length.

What does each session cost?

$1 million dollars (Dr. Evil voice) – prices vary based on training duration.

Is there a bundle of sessions that can be purchased at once?

Athaya Fitness currently offers packages of 10 and 20 sessions.

If I have injuries, how will those be addressed during the workout session?

All injuries will be addressed before the first session takes place and will be mindfully considered when creating the training program.

How should I prepare for the first session?

Simply come as you are! Hydrate throughout the day, wear comfortable workout attire and come with a great attitude.