Catherine G, 28

June 30, 2015 - 1 minute read

Chelsea has completely changed the way I approach fitness and nutrition in my life! Before Chelsea, I always enjoyed working out and keeping active, but I never saw change or results no matter how hard I tried. She helped me incorporate strength training and a variety of other workouts into my routine, always mixing it up. She also guided me in the right direction in terms of my nutrition. Putting the workouts and nutrition together, she helped me get into tip-top shape for my wedding and honeymoon! Chelsea is very passionate about fitness and nutrition, and it shows. I continue to love working out with Chelsea because she’s a constant reminder of how I’ve changed my lifestyle for the better, and always encourages me to keep improving! My friends and family see the results too, and even refer to my results as the “BC” (Before Chelsea) and the “AC” (After Chelsea) periods.