Strength, or resistance training has a long list of health benefits! It plays a role in disease prevention of arthritis, and diabetes. It is one of the best ways to prevent bone and muscle loss due to aging, and can help individuals maintain a healthy weight. Not to forget the performance and aesthetic benefits; being faster, stronger, more coordinated, more toned, tight, and all around fit! Strength training is basically the fountain of youth.

Why do we need to be Strong? The stronger your muscles are, the stronger your ligaments and bones become. The more muscle you have on your body, the faster your metabolism works! Studies have shown that regular exercise and strength training can improve self-esteem, sleep habits and overall happiness levels. This is why it is essential to weight-loss and maintaining lasting health. You’re changing how you feel about yourself and the world around you, while scultping a rocking bod, and building physical and mental resilience.

Here are 3 exercises that are essential to any strength training program.

1. Deadlifts

This exercise is a core component of strength training. It is a total body exercise, which gives you a whole lot of bang for your buck. If you’re a runner, a squat everyday type, or a desk jockey, adding deadlifts to your workout routine can help keep knees, and backs happy by balancing out the muscles of the leg and strengthening your booty and back. How well can you “pick things up and put them down?”

2. Push-ups

Personally I believe that everyone should be able to push themselves up from the floor, both figuratively and literally. Push-ups work the upper body and help build those toned arms we all dream of! You also get the added benefit of core work from maintaining a solid plank position while lowering and raising yourself from the floor. Who said that good exercises need to be complicated?

3. Squats

A squat is hands down the most functional exercise you will ever do. How many times a day do you sit down and stand up? Walk up stairs? Crouch down to pick something up? We squat all day long and yet the majority of new clients come to me with sleepy glutes, poor squat mechanics and low back pain. Squatting is a great way to prevent back pain, develop athletic performance, and build buns of steel.

Not sure where to start? Educate yourself or speak with a fitness professional. The internet (and library) are saturated with fitness and workout books. Amazon currently has 8,458 books about strength training, and 358,397 about fitness. YouTube is the largest free library of tutorials in the world! They currently have 2,320,000 videos about deadlifts alone.

Still apprehensive to begin a strength program on your own? Hiring a personal trainer, or attending group fitness classes can provide structure to your program, and the invaluable bonus of a watchful eye. They will know what weights will be safe for you to start with, when to go heavier, and frequency of training. You would never ask your mechanic for beauty advice. Stop getting your workout advice from your coworkers and talk to a professional.

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