Hello! I’m Chelsea

Raised in Santa Fe, NM, my love for physicality and athleticism began at the National Dance Institute of New Mexico where I studied Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Modern dance for 13 years. While in high school, I had the opportunity to study and perform at Boston Conservatory, State Street Ballet in Santa Barbara, San Francisco Conservatory, and the Broadway Theater Dance Workshop. I attended college at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts as a contemporary dance major until a reconstructive hip surgery in 2009.

9 months later, I found myself 30lbs overweight, out of shape, and unhappy. In 2010 I began training at a kettlebell studio and a new passion was found. Through “hardstyle” kettlebell training I became stronger and healthier than I’d ever been. I moved to NYC in 2011 and began working at Equinox, where I spent 3 years as a top producing personal trainer. In February of 2014 I left Equinox to found Athaya Fitness, a personal coaching and wellness company specializing in body transformation, injury rehabilitation, and human performance.

Today I’ve taken my fitness career one step further by joining Google Inc. as a personal trainer and performance coach and Precision Run as a founding coach! You can catch me featured in Shape, Self, and Women’s Health Magazines as an expert and in campaigns for Equinox & Precision Run, Apple, Bowflex, Project Rock and Reebok.

Drive forward
Strive for excellence
Thrive in the results!

Chelsea Aguiar
Founder/Lifestyle Coach

What is Athaya?

The name Athaya is derived from the Sanskrit word abhaya, which means fearlessness or one who moves without fear. Abhaya in Buddhist tradition is represented by a mudra or ancient hand gesture that symbolizes protection, peace and the dispelling of fear. It is made with the right hand raised to shoulder height, elbow bent, palm of the hand facing outward, with the fingers upright and together. It is almost always used in images and statues of the Buddha standing with the feet joined, or walking.

What does this have to do with health and fitness? After my hip surgery in 2009, I was nervous and honestly, afraid to be physically active again. When I began strength training in 2010 I was determined to feel physically secure and strong again. Slowly but surely my body and mindset began to change. As my body became stronger my fear began to dissolve, my confidence improved, and I realized if I worked carefully and patiently I could build a healthy and secure body to carry me through life. Today I am physically stronger than I ever imagined being, I no longer fear the physical challenge of exercise or movement, and I have the confidence in my body that has allowed the worries of my mind to quiet.

Here at Athaya Fitness, it is our goal to help each of our clients find harmony between the physical and mental body. Whether it is fear of injury, failure, or fear of new challenges, it is our mission to help people understand and overcome these fears. We are all strong, powerful, vibrant beings, and it’s time to honor our weaknesses by facing them head on and creating profound change